Stakeholder Interaction

Jeevodaya’s continuous outreach initiative with Railway Authorities, TC, RPF, GRP, Coolies, Vendors, Auto Rickshaw Driver, Passengers and older children have helped sensitize these stakeholders who today plays a major role in not only intercepting the children but also attending to their immediate needs, making sure that the child is safe and brought in notice to the Railway Authority including the Railway Police /GRP who are our most trusted stakeholders. 

Ensuring collective efforts by involving Multiple Stakeholders 

Facilitation workshops are regularly organized to establish and strengthen the network of the government and non- government, private functionaries, local vendors to work in close coalition in identifying the vulnerable and take necessary initiative in pulling them out of visible danger or victimization.
The event also helped in breaking many barriers in bringing out the challenges the police faces and the helps that the local vendors and civil societies would need from the government functionaries in intercepting such children and effectively bringing them back to a holistic environment.

Training and sensitization of the key stakeholders

Regular training and sensitization workshops are also organized for District Police on key issues like Child Protection Policy, Juvenile Justice Act, Child Rights and Human trafficking so that they could understand the problem at depth and sensitively handle the issue for effective implementation of the law without further victimization of the child.
Similarly, workshops are arranged for Media to sensitize them on key issues and make them understand the crucial role they play in making aware the general populace on the key issues. This helps them also to understand the sensitivity that they have to bestow upon their reporting style while addressing crucial child sensitive issues.

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