Udaan - Centre for Health and Education

On March 20th realizing the dearth need of a programme in the OjhaBasti urban slum area in Itarsi, Project Udaan was initiated for the upliftment of the community women and children through sensitizing them on cleanliness, sanitation, and imbibe in them health seeking behavior. The programme will equally focus on training community women on their reproductive and sexual health and how they can play an active role in bringing about change into their families spouse, especially children. The programme was initiated in collaboration with Vidhyanjali Project of Madhya Pradesh Police and will include all its elements with added focus on community women and children.

Continuing the trend of research based approach the programme was initiated after the April, Situational Analysis report which brought forth the compromised living conditions that the slum dwellers children of OjhaBastilive in and the behavioral change that has to be brought in them which may need a continuous and pressing tool that may facilitate the change making process slowly into the community.

Along with focus on cleanliness, the centre will act as a centre stage of the Basti for Non formal education bringing all children under one platform and other community welfare activities to sensitize their parents which will play a crucial role in the change making process.

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