Advocacy and Awareness

The research and development team of Jeevodaya with support from Samyog and other programmes takes care of the advocacy and awareness vertical of the Jeevodayaprogramme, working in close coalition with the state machineries, Railway Authority GRP, RPF, other railway stake holder including local vendors who first comes in proximity with these children, and helps us sensitize and identify these children so that no child is left untapped into vulnerability. Through it’s compliance to research based programme implementation, continuous liasoning and working in close coordination with Child Welfare Committee, Advocacy and Awareness has appeared as a backbone of the Jeevodaya project.

The advocacy team also takes care of the direct referrals to CWC & to the Rehabilitation centre keeping CWC and the Railway police in notice, create public and civil society pressure upon them to work proactively and implement the already in place child protection law and sensitively handle cases that involves children to avoid further victimization of them. 

Research and Development
Jeevodaya strongly believes in research based programme approach for which our advocacy and awareness team continuous team monitors and evaluates all the programmes to upscale it according to the programme needs and changing behavioral patterns of the stakeholders.

The team ensures thorough stakeholder analysis on decided indicators and come up with situational analysis report before structuring a programme for the children at all levels.
The recently started Udaan project under Samyogprogramme has been initiated after coming up with a situational analysis report that defines the existing problem and the methodology through which sustainable change can be imparted on that community at women and child level.

Ensuring collective efforts by involving Multiple Stakeholders 

A facilitation workshop was organized to establish and strengthen the network of the government and non- government, private functionaries, local vendors to work in close coalition in identifying the vulnerable and take necessary initiative in pulling them out of visible danger or victimization.
The event also helped in breaking many barriers in bringing out the challenges the police faces and the helps that the local vendors and civil societies would need from the government functionaries in intercepting such children and effectively bringing them back to a holistic environment.


Case Story: Advocacy and Awareness


Childline contacted Jeevodaya who in close coalition with the GRP staff rescued 20 trafficked and runaway children from Bihar who were on their way to Nasik.  As it was the first case of human trafficking in Itarsi of this scale, Jeevodaya took lead in sensitizing the GRP and the Collector office in understanding their role in rescuing and rehabilitating these children back to their families.
In absence of necessary state model and required awareness on the issue these children stayed atJeevodayaChildren Home for 1 month without any support from ICPS, Collector or other local functionaries to rehabilitate them back with their families. In absence of the provided necessary funds from the state authorities and abiding to core principle of providing safe house to these children, Jeevodaya tried to raise funds publically.

But it was only after Media made a note of the issue and advocated jointly with us for the rights of these vulnerable children is when necessary steps were taken and they were rehabilitated back to their respective CWCs. Jeevodaya initiated and coordinated with the local government departments in Itarsi and state functionaries in Bihar for establishing a standard protocol for the proper handing over and reunification of these rescued trafficked children.

Among the rescued 67 children who were trafficked from Bihar for child labor, from Itarsi railway station with the help of Child line, RPF and GRP and provided temporary shelter to 20 children.
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