Core Staff
Director – Sr. Clara Animottil

Our founder and Director, Sr. Clara is a MSW herself. After completion of her congregation while working and on her regular visits to Itarsi, she was moved by the plight of the children who had to take refuge on the railway station for livelihood. It is these small incidences that piled up to come to the decision that she would dedicate her life towards the upliftment of these children from the railways platforms and street. 

Jeevodaya is only the reflection of her relentless efforts and perseverance.
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Asst. Director – Roger Jones

Roger would guide us with such ease and calm that he is more our friend than a Director. He is person who always walks those extra miles when you need it most. A highly dedicated and motivated individual his presence brings smile in all of our faces. He is an MSW, LLB and BA who have an experience of more than 18 years working for children in need and protection.
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Advocacy Officer cum Outreach
coordinator – Rahul Badonia

As river find its ways to flow and need not anyone’s help, there are few self-build people who can teach a lesson of sustainability to all through their consistency and commitment. Our present Advocacy Officer of Jeevodaya, Rahul Badonia is one of the best examples in this regard. Since last eight years his service to the organization is a milestone for others. He started his career as a teacher and his motivation to work with children brought him to Jeevodaya were he started as a Night Care taker. It was his continuous efforts sincere hard work and willingness of learning things, which brought him to the position that he holds today. He is one of those people in the organization who is consulted on every step because of his in-depth knowledge of all the projects in and out.

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Programme Manager-Subir Debnath

Dedication, commitment and sincerity and above all, true love for the children are only few words to describe Subir. Subir belongs from Assam and head’s the program concerns of the organization. His in-build acumen and interpersonal skills makes him an ideal person to work with the children, sometimes in difficult situations enthusiastically. After passing out from the Department of Social work of Assam University, he was hunting for the opportunity to work with children and gained experience and exposures in many development areas including working as NACO coordinator in Guwahati, but the longing of his heart brought him to Jeevodaya.

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Programme Coordinator- Maria

Serving Humanity was always Maria’s area of interest. She was always inclined towards catering the upliftment of the needy. She has done her BSc. in Nursing and to implement her learning as action, she has done her Master’s in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Ranchi.
She has witnessed the struggle of children with Autism in her own family and native place and this has develoved her passion towards social work. Also during her internship in World vision India, Ranchi she saw many needy children deprived of food, education and shelter which has motivated her to join social work as a profession.
When asked about her motto, she quotes "It’s not about how much you do but how much love you put into what you do."

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Accounts Officer –Ashutosh Choudhary

Ashutosh has been a treasure for the organization and so does he take care of the financials of the organization. If anyone in the organization needs any support for financial clarity or the budget that has been decided for each programme, this is the man we need to contact. Ashutosh is a Master of Commerce who started his career as an Assistant Audit with a Chartered Accountant where he specialized in business/non profit, government colleges and bank audits for 3 years. His professional endeavor took him from audit to core marketing, to taxation, excise duty, service & sales tax and TDS etc which he gives credit to for  the indepth knowledge and acumen that he today exhibits through his work. His work in the development sector started at Sri. Hargobind Laxmi Narayan Samaj Kalyan Samiti which runs many schools and colleges in Itarsi and Betul were he added into his experience of getting government recognition for Engineering and B.ed colleges. 

On Sept 20th, 2013 Ashutosh joined Jeevodaya and we have today somehow become depended upon him.

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