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Jeevodaya in Sanskrit means "Rising Life”. It determines that even in the most difficult of circumstances, grim situations every life has the right to prosper, blossom to its highest potential. With the same mission and vision we at Jeevodaya work for the upliftment of every child who is disadvantaged for the social bias and injustice that they face in their everyday lives. With primary objective to rescue and provide care and support to the runaway and homeless children who finally takes refuge to the difficult living conditions of the railway station, Jeevodaya collaborating with West Central Railway and Women’s Welfare Organization started providing support to the neglected children since 1999, to both young and adolescents who needed immediate attention, care and support. With our experience we learnt that children could not be rehabilitated back until their mothers are not included in the change process and until the family is provided with sustainable livelihood opportunities. We took responsibilities in uplifting these less privileged lives that we care most as it was important for us to provide a 360 degree holistic approach towards the issue until which
Jeevodaya is an apolitical, not-for-profit organization founded by Sr. Clara in the year 1999 in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, India. While travelling she often witnessed children living in vulnerable conditions susceptible to exploitation from both railway authorities who victimize them for any crime that occurs on the platform and other illegal assailants who use their defenselessness to exploit and harass them both physically and psychologically.  


Jeevodaya envisions towards building a just and conducive society where every child enjoys his/her basic rights of a healthy childhood, care and protection without any fear of subjugation, or social exclusion.


Our mission is to uphold human dignity by working towards child rights and advocacy through a process of early intervention at the platform and provide residential support to rehabilitate and mainstream these children back in to the society at an improved socio-economic level.     

  • Working with children especially who take refuge at Railway platforms and are in need of care and protection.
  • Help government stakeholders in implementing child protection policy at all levels.
  • Provide residential support where children can grow in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Counsel the child and their parents helping them to reintegrate back with their families.
  • Create a child friendly society through continuous advocacy and lobbying initiatives with the responsible state machinery including police, railways authority, GRP and RPF and likeminded civil societies, community leaders etc.
  • Mobilize local resources and ensure community participation for sustainability of the programme and develop local leadership to end victimization of the children through continuous behavioral change initiatives.

Jeevodaya uses a 3 pronged approach in providing a holistic 360 degree solution to the child,  

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