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Samyog Project – “Samyog” is our drop in center cum night shelter which is situated near the Railway station working in partnership with West Central Railway Women’s Welfare Organization Itarsi.It is a 24 hours open house for the platform children and family who wish to bring change in their lives. Through outreach service, we contact children at the platform and offer nutrition, health care, counseling, reunification, referral to CWC & rehabilitation centre, non formal education, recreation, indoor & outdoor games, festival celebration, balmela, balsabha, outing and night shelter. Daily 8-10 boys get a secure place to sleep. Also, we stared working with 14 platform families to create awareness programme.

Sparc Project- Since 2001 we have a boys’ rehabilitation center known as “SPARC” which means ‘Society for Protection and Advocacy of Railway Children’. It is situated beside Jabalpur railway line at Diversion Road in Bangaliya at Itarsi. About 40 boys live there and enjoy child rights. Most of them are going  school regularly and the rest are doing vocational training. All facilities for their basic needs like food, drinking water, clothes are being maintained here. Computers, Internet facility and a big playground for the children are some of the better facilities available here.

Chirag Project- We have started girls’ project since 2007. It is known as “Chirag” which is situated in Nehruganj, near itarsi railway station. Its activities are same as “SPARC”. We have certain criteria for rehabilitation in these centers. After a deep counselling we identify children who belong to platform, who have no roof, no parents or parents who are on the street and really want to make a change in their lives.


The history of Jeevodaya goes back to 1990s of Madhya Pradesh, at Itarsi railway station which is one of the biggest railway junctions of India with more than 158 trains pass by daily to the north, east, west and southern parts of our country. No trains in India comes without children, who would have an easy access to travel without ticket and can earn a minimum of Rs 100 for  their livelihood  by begging , sweeping in the trains or selling edibles.
The state authorities had no awareness or neglected the child protection policy. But when the national days like 15th August and 26th January come the police were very active in hand cupping the children to juvenile homes to take attendance.  Children wait for an opportunity to jump out of this jail.

I am known as Sr. Clara. Sisters of St. Joseph Of Chambery.  Since 1984 I am in North India.   My Frequent visit to Itarsi platform to pay hospitality to familiar people often struck me with children, unfamiliar, unnoticed, creating nonsense for others at the platform. I was disturbed and began to ask why these children? Why they are left with no one to care, why not… Right is not applicable. Familiarity with children began to search for these questions. There was a passion within me to become familiar with children who are at the platform. Thus in 1999 I took an initiative to work with these children.

No money, no place but a group of 90 to 100 children boys and girls between the age of  5 to 16 absolutely unnoticed by human beings. These children had their own strategy for survival mechanism, earning, sleeping, spending free time.  The society could name them as an anti social group of robbers and drug addicts.  In 1999  I won the confidence of these children, the railway and the passengers began to look at them  in a different ways as they were began to recite the poems and read  news papers, started organizing themselves for cooking food, saving money and keeping themselves clean.

The climax of their human acceptance and reconnection reached in the  year 2000 when the railway mazdoor union offered their office for these children and a British couple  Ashley and Jain Butterfiled on completion of their 25 years of  Indian tourism  for foreigners took our children as their guide for the visitors and sponsored home and land for the further development of  all the platform children.

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