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Jeevodaya contacted 08 children at Itarsi Station who were Trafficked for Child labour from Bihar
Updated :
31-03- 2018
18th Annual Day Celebration
Updated :
28-11- 2017
Celebration of childrens Day in association with FIN CARE at Jeevodaya
Updated :
16-11- 2016
4th West Zone shooting and all india karate championship 2016 (Prizes)
Updated :
16-11- 2016
17th Annual Day (Parivaar ek Pehchaan) of Jeevodaya
Updated :
10-11- 2016
News letter of Jeevodaya (March 2016/3rd Issue)
Updated :
22-03- 2016
News letter of Jeevodaya December 2015
Updated :
04-01- 2016
News letter of Jeevodaya (November 2015)
Updated :
26-12- 2015
Annual Day Invitation Of Jeevodaya Society, Itarsi
Updated :
10-11- 2015
News letter of Jeevodaya (Septermber 2015)
Updated :
10-09- 2015
Raksha Bandhan Celebration
Updated :
31-08- 2015
Chirag Project
Updated :
19-05- 2013
Welcome to Jeevodaya NGO Working for Railway Children
Updated :
18-05- 2013
Welcome to Jeevodaya

Jeevodaya in Sanskrit means "Rising Life”. It determines that even in the most difficult of circumstances, grim situations every life has the right to prosper, blossom to its highest potential. With the same mission and vision we at Jeevodaya work for the upliftment of every child who is disadvantaged for the social bias and injustice that they face in their everyday lives. With primary objective to rescue and provide care and support to the runaway and homeless children who finally takes refuge to the difficult living conditions of the railway station, Jeevodaya collaborating with West Central Railway and Women’s Welfare Organization

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The research and development team of Jeevodaya with support 
Children Homes
Jeevodaya’s rehabilitation programme that provided shelter 
Rescue & Rehabilitation
Approximately 20-25 children in the age group of 6 -18 years are 
On March 20th realizing the dearth need of a programme in the OjhaBasti 

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